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    Driven by a passion for filmmaking, Chris Theulen hopes to make an impact in the industry. He has contributed to notable Organizations and Documentary Films in his attempt to do so. These organizations include The Dallas Cowboys, Discovery Channel, Philadelphia 76ers, and Oscar Award-winning Telling Pictures. He is also the Senior Editor and Producer for Game Changer MVP. Theulen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and Film.

    Chris Theulen



  • Portfolio Work

    2018 Demo Reel

    Body of work from 2018

    Legends of the Dirt

    San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

    Tailgate Nation

    Tailgate recipes from the Dallas Cowboys

    Waterfall Dance Performance

    Legacy Dance Sudio

    Ezekiel Elliot Highlight

    Dallas Cowboys

    Cowboys vs. Redskins

    ​NFL Cinematography

    Wrong to Let You Go

    Music Video

    Alaska Sealcoating

    2016 Demo Reel

    Body of work from 2016

  • Client List

    Carnival Cruise Lines

    Fun For All. All For Fun.

    Dallas Cowboys

    America's Team

    Dallas Wings


    Discovery Channel

    Let's All Discover

    FC Dallas


    Forrest Fenn's Treasure

    Documentary Film

    Game Changers MVP

    Event Entertainment

    Killing the Colorado

    Discovery Channel Series

    Legacy Dance Studio

    Frisco's premier Dance School

    Mile End Films West

    Full-Service Video Production Studio

    Philadelphia 76ers


    PSG Films

    National Geographic Featured Documentary Film

    Robert Michaels

    Multi-gold and platinum-selling recording artist

    San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

    13-Time Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year

    Tapatio Hot Sauce

    Es una salsa ... Muy salsa

    Tincup Whiskey

    Mountain Whiskey

    Western New Mexico University

    Where Adventure & Education Intertwine

    Telling Pictures

    Oscar Award Winning Production Company

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